Soft sole Express – exfoliating foot peel 

I walk most places. I spend money on decent runners and make sure that when I wear heels I rest my feet. I no longer am on my feet for 8 hours a day as my job is now 50/50 desk and on my feet. I go to a podiatrist once or twice a year. I have a micropedi and treat my feet really well using scrubs etc. Still though I tend to get hard skin and callous on my feet. Pedicures will only take you so far so I decided to try these babies which are essentially like a gentle chemical peel for your feet. Sandal wearers rejoice.

So the bank holiday Monday night , I put on some Netflix and as the packet instructed I applied the masks to my feet and chilled. 

They contain glycolic Latic and salicylic acid , which breaks down the skin similar to a chemical peel on your feet. A caveat though , because of the ingredients they are not suitable for diabetics or pregnant or breastfeeding women. The peel works but breaking down the skin, the combination of acids work on different levels to give the ultimate peel off. 
You shower the peel off and nothing remarkable happens for a few days. Then mother of god you start shedding skin like hansel and Gretel leaving a trail of dead skin behind you, it took until Thursday for this to happen, but the difference is incredible. Once I put on snapchat that I was using them loads of people messaged me saying they were mega fans. 

Obviously the dead skin is proportionate to the amount of callous you have in the first instance , but in the summer this will always be more. 
I’d recommend doing it two weeks before your holidays. Then using a good foot cream like Weleda skin food. Avoid picking the skin off and use cotton socks after you moisturise. This will speed up the shedding. Seeing the dead skin is more satisfying than popping pimples. Fact. 
These are available in McCabes pharmacies and are only €2. I cannot recommend them enough. 

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