Body Butters from the Body Shop. 

There’s nothing worse than dull dry skin on your body. Nothing feels right. Your legs look scaly and your skin doesn’t feel supple. Because my skin is especially prone to dryness I tend to always opt for a cream textured body product. My favourite without question are the Body shop, retailing at €21 approximately they might seem spendy in comparison with some pharmacy brand lotions but a little goes a long way. The ingredients are high quality and ethically sourced. 

Another pro is that there are at least 12 types at any given moment with each season bringing a limited edition the most recent one being Pinita Colada, a fresh blend of pineapple and white rum. The coconut one is my favourite of the staple scents. I’m a fan of the tropical  type ones given the utter lack of tropical type weather situations in Ireland they remind me of holidays. Which reminds me of another use for them… Kept on the fridge they make for an awesome after sun.

I also find that they don’t irritate my skin either eventhough they are scented, but then again that is probably down to the quality of what’s inside them. 
So if your treat yourself to one body product in August make it worthwhile , fair trade and kind to animals . 

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