Garlic and Chilli Burgers

A good burger is always welcome a X it’s one of the faster and most satisfying evening eats when you’re tired and not inventive. 

I’m lucky that my local shop has a great butcher counter catering to fuss plots like me. Their 1/4 lbs steak burgers are delicious and easy to marinate too as they are tender to start with. 

A really easy one is chilli flakes black pepper and garlic salt. Rub it into the meat with some olive oil. Cook the burgers through on a hot pan. They sell ready made garlic butter there too so add this to some mushrooms and onions for an indulgent accompaniment.Serve with a green Salad and no bun needed. 

Yummy and apart from the butter pretty healthy. 
I never really but pre packed meat. I prefer buying it as I go. Less waste and you can decide On my whim what to have for dinner. 
Burgers aren’t especially pretty but damn tasty. Maybe a good one for the weekend? 

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