Tea Tree by the Body Shop

Teenage or adult blemishes are a pain and can affect self confidence. The Tea Tree range by the body shop has updated it range to include a three in one wash,scrub and mask.  This can be used three ways a few times a week to keep sebum under control. It works effectively on blackheads as a scrub and the mask quality means it also draws out any imperfections. Oily skin is best cleaned with a wash and the product although it can be washed off is best taken off using a damp flannel and tepid water. 
The imperfection solution comes with a handy pipette so you can treat smaller areas twice daily. It’s great if you have a troublesome T Zone. It’s a serum consistency and is hector enough to be used all over the face if needed. 

Tea Tree has always been admired for its natural antibacterial qualities and spot fighting ability. As always the Body Shop Source their ingredients ethically.  

There is a whole range including a shower gel which is refreshing and great post sports particularly if you are prone to spots post work on on your back.

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