Elite Pilates – I am reformed 

My email inbox gets pretty full every day with the next big thing. As a thirty something woman with quite strong views on wacko things I’m vehemently opposed to anything that’s remotely trendy when it comes to health. Except maybe for Courjetti I like that a lot. Anyway I get offers of Diets, juice plans and Skinny Teas on a weekly basis.

The gals ( lots) and guys ( probably 10) that interact with me on snap chat and Twitter vary in age. I know this through analytics and also through getting snap chats with teen acne questions to menopausal skin queries. With this comes a degree of responsiblity and I refuse to try or promote anything that promises skinny or diet or super-anything. Quick fixes are a no go where diet or excercise is concerned. Reformer Pilates to be honest looked terrifying . I looked up and researched what it is before agreeing to trial it for 4 weeks ( back in June ). Now I had already been told by a physiotherapist that Pilates was something I should consider so it wasn’t exactly a hard decision. I am not going to lie. I thought Pilates was for green juice swigging yummy Mummies in skinny Lycra with neon sports bras. As a plus size fizzy water drinking non mummy with a shock absorber that I mistakenly washed with a black trousers so it’s sort of grey type I jumped onboard and thought…if it’s really awful it’s only 4 weeks. How bad can it be? 

Let’s start by talking about what a reformer is. It looks similar to a bed frame. It has springs which create resistance and straps which make it look like a torture apparatus or for the legions of women that have read 50 Shades of grey something infinitely sexier. There is a sliding carriage which is attached to the springs and this forms the basis of the moves. Yes I used the word moves because believe me when you’re on one of these babies you’ve got the moves. It’s impossible not to be graceful. 
So anyone that has ever done step aerobics or tequila with me will know I’m awkward and clumsy. “How in the name of God will I get up on that?” Was my first instinct. You get an introduction class so you are shown how to use the reformer and how to get on and off it. The blessings of God for that anyway I can tell you. I was afraid that I’d break it.. I didn’t. I haven’t had that kind of fear since the bunk beds in Irish College but that’s a whole other blog anyway.,

To get results you need to do a minimum of two classes per week. The structure within the class varies but there is always the burn section , which includes the Pilates 10, which is different every time but it means keeping your whole core engaged and “feeling the burn”. 

Reformer Pilates is all about building your core, I’m apple shaped ( all bum and tum) so I wondered would I benefit at all. As in is my core able to engage at all? Well I’ll tell you something it can. 

I’m not being dramatic when I say that reformer Pilates has made my posture better , my legs and glutes stronger but it’s also made me realise that I’d spent a good deal of time slouching and not properly engaging my core. 

I did it through a tough twelve day gym regime too and it’s definitely helped alleviate soreness and muscle cramping. I’m astounded that in a few weeks my stretch on the machine has got lower and my ability to plank has taken me by surprise. So here I am booty and belly planking on a Saturday morning and I’m not even in L.A. I’m in rainy untrendy Cork. 

Who do I think will like reformer? Anyone that likes a good challenge , anyone that wants to tighten their butt or tone up in general. I’ve seen a massive improvement in my range of movement with an old shoulder injury. You just need to tell the guys in advance that you have an injury no matter how old or healed it is.

The true testament to how much I enjoyed it is that I’m writing this blog in September and have just come out of a class. 

The team at Elite are lovely, you go at your own pace, the classes are small and I must say that every instructor I met was passionate about people and Pilates. Then they help you push yourself to be better on the reformer at every class. The content of the class varies so it’s not boring but you always leave feeling satisfied that the work out has gone well, the classes are 50 minutes in length and I’m always surprised when it’s cool down time. I’m not watching the clock ever. 
They really are Pilates for everybody and any body. 
You can find Elite Pilates at Donnybrook Kinsale or the Kingsley Hotel. 
Tel : 021-4369097

Website; http://www.elitepilates.ie 

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