The Salon Shop .. Not just for Salons 

Sulphate free? Yes please
Soduim Lauryl Sulfate or SLS for short is a widely used cleansing agent used in shampoos shower gels and detergents. As an ingredient it is relatively inexpensive and it works to cleanse by breaking the surface molecules of dirt so they can be washed away. It has as an ingredient been linked to many a myth but there are several reasons we should avoid it if possible. It has been found to be an irritant to our skin and to our eyes. If you have sensitive skin and any condition such as eczema or Psoriasis then it is definitely a no go. Thankfully cosmetic companies are recognising that consumers are opting out of sulphates and there has been a surge in sulphate free products arriving on our shelves. Here are some tried and tested ones that are not only SLS free but also really fantastic. It is also worth noting that since I got Great Length hair extensions in my hair I have had to use all sulphate free products and not has not only improved my hair but also my scalp. Any of the products listed below will be suitable to use with any hair extensions. All of the shampoos come with matching conditioners from the ranges but no conditioner contains sulphates.

Montibello hailing originally from Spain is a brand that has in recent years come to Ireland. Their Colour Treat range for hair is really great to help preserve and enhance colour, available from selected salons and The Salon Shop on the Kinsale road which not only caters for salons but is open to the public too. Another range available there is the Milkshake range which, with the way it smells will bring the boys to the yard. The integrity shampoo is my favourite Cleanses gently with its salt-free and sulphate free formula containing organic Muru Muru butter, helping to maintain hair colour. It nourishes conditions and moisturises instantly, eliminating frizz, leaving hair soft and radiant. There is a whole Milkshake range and definitely one that will suit your hair.

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