Inglot Setting Spray 

A setting spray is such a handy thing to have on your dresser. It is a multi purpose and not only for use after you apply the make up. Obviously as the name suggests you use it to set your make up one it is fully applied but did you know that you can use it other ways.
Inglot setting spray comes in my top few products to use both on myself and clients. You can use it to dampen brushes to make eye-shadow more vibrant. I use it with a liner brush under my lower lash line to intensify my look.

It retails at €24.00 and is ideal to use on your beauty blender sponge to dampen it prior to application.

It is also really handy to spritz on prior to refreshing concealer or foundation.

To use it just spritz on closed eyes and mouth.

Happy Spritzing ladies! I packed this for holidays as a cooling mist too. Keep it in the fridge for extra cooling.

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