Billion Dollar Brows 

As we age our face needs structure and when your get your brows done the shape is always excellent. What about when you are in the need of some really good brows? The days leading up to your brow appointment or like the day you realise that your glasses are now a necessity on a daily basis.

Not having the leanest of faces I need a strong frame and then as a result a stronger brow. I am not really overthinking this am i? Anyway being strong of brow means I need an arsenal of products to try and sort my wayward strays.Behold! Billion Dollar Brows to the rescue.

The set contains everything you need to keep your big brows tamed and sculpted.

The Set Contains:

Universal Brow Pencil
Adapts to skin tone and works on both light and dark hair colours. Mechanical and self-sharpening, the pencil glides on effortlessly to shape and style eyebrows. Use feather like strokes to achieve a natural finish, and utilise the spoolie to blend, groom and control.

Brow Pencil Duo
Perfect for all skin tones, the pencil features a creamy highlighter to one end which expertly illuminates the brow bone, and a universal concealer to the other for on-the-go touch ups and correcting mistakes during shaping.

Brow Gel
Utilising high quality ingredients, the brow gel with spoolie applicator helps prolong the wear of your brow colour whilst imparting a radiant glow. The perfect brow tamer, the formula never flakes or leaves brows with a noticeable film.

Smudge Brush
Perfect for applying cream highlighters to the brow bone, the make-up tool features a flat brush head with synthetic bristles to effortlessly apply shimmering shades across the brow bone.

It is probably the most versatile set I have ever used and to be honest is pretty foolproof and less fussy than gels or powders.

Available on or The Salon shop in Cork.

Here is a picture of me looking rather smug wearing the above.

Hey it is Friday and sweater weather officially starts tomorrow!

What a time to be alive.

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