Relax…  The First Facial reflexology session 

Facial Reflexology is something I had tried a few years ago and restful is how I’d describe it. Fast forward a few years when I’m in it more for the rejuvenation and I find myself standing in Catherine Clooney Facial Reflexology rooms just far enough away from the city centre to be distant but with easy access to both a car parking space or a short walk from work. I have big expectations and here are the claims associated with facial reflexology.

“Facial Reflexology works to help the body to reach a state of balance. By supporting the body to relieve the symptoms of migraines, headaches, sinusitis, congestion, insomnia, lack of energy and IBS, also other stress related issues. It can also be beneficial for some clients suffering from neurological conditions by working close to the central nervous system and the muscles of the face and head. The result of a Facial Reflexology Wellness treatment, is a glowing complexion and the release of pent up muscular and emotional tension, resulting in a treatment that is not only therapeutic to the body and mind but also uplifting to the soul.”

This piece will be the first in a series of three about my experience, I did three different types , a Relax , a rejuvenation and a Zone lift facial. Today’s piece is relating to my initial visit. It lasted around 90 minutes including consultation so this is not a lunch time treat. This is time out. Facial Reflexology is one of the most relaxing treatment that you will experience. It takes you to the healing space between wakefulness and sleep. Helping your body and mind to re-balance.

I fill out a questionnaire which asks all of the usual questions and gave a brief chat with Catherine about my mood , state of mind etc. She explains the concept behind it and the benefits. I’m not skeptical to be honest I know how human touch can affect us and have every faith in her hands. The reason I point out that I wasn’t a skeptic is because ,to be perfectly honest I don’t really think there’s a lot of point in trying something like this if you’re that much of a skeptic. Human contact relies wholly on trust and if you don’t trust the process then you’re not going to relish the result. Teacher talk out of the way I’ll get down to business.

Facial reflexology is great for anyone that hates people touching their feet and works using gentle pressure on acupressure points on the face. Similar to regular reflexology , things like hormonal imbalance and stress can be felt through certain points of tenderness.

I must admit to being not in the best of form the first session, once the treatment was done I must say I felt relaxed and in better form overall. This is down to Catherine’s calming presence and her magic hands. I fell asleep ( which never happens I wouldn’t be the best sleeper) and know that I definitely snored, the type of snort that wakes you up. . That night I slept well and my skin looked really great. The movements were not “airy fairy”, the touch is definite the movements contrived and fluid. Have a look at how the face is mapped in the illustration below. It is similar to the feet with different points mapped out.

The following day my skin looked healthy and glowing. I definitely felt rested and relaxed and looking forward to my next session. That one was more reviving and hat will be my next blog post. I will include some information about Catherine and her background in that one as it is quite interesting.

Hope you enjoyed the read! xxx

Mary-Jane xxx

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