Guinot Sun range 

There is nothing nicer than going on holiday armed with some really nice SPF. Summer or winter. I hit the Canary Islands in recent times and brought some Guinot products with me. I am quite fair skinned so need to really up my game with he SPF because in recent years I have adopted the factor raincoat theory, with high SPF all over. Head to toe. While still adopting this theory on my face and opted to go for a medium on my body. I brought the high down my neck and décolleté.I also used the high on points that I had previously burned such as my instep and my toes. Mad I know but it hasn’t been that long since I was in the sun last and burnt.

Before I went I used some vitamins and a face mask on my face and décolletage. This helped to prep my skin for the tan that I rarely get.

Whilst there I used the SPF 20 for my body and kept the SPF50 stick for areas I’m predisposed to burn on . I actually kept this one with me at all times to top up my face too. My nose always gets a lot of sun and let’s face it nobody wants to come home from holiday looking like Rudolph. Rested yes. Rudolph no.
I liked that the creams were rich but easy to blend. They absorbed quickly and I reapplied after swimming and throughout the day. They weren’t oily nor did they cause any breakouts. I used the SPF 30 facial one on my neck and décolletage. I use SPF 50 year round on my face, essential for anti ageing. And as a former sunbed ( I know ) lover I’m wanting damage limitation.

The lip balm is glossy in texture so easy to apply and doesn’t wear off too quickly. I reapplied it several times throughout the course of the day.

Overall Guinot is a brand I’d really recommend. I tend to always go for skincare brands when it comes to SPF so think this one is as good as Clarins and Shiseido which I’ve used in the past.
The added skincare benefits as you age are something you cannot put a price on.
Available in all Guinot stockists. If you’re in Cork then Beauty Regain is one that is well established and full of advice.

I find buying my sun care ahead of traveling is best as I feel a lot of the store abroad can at times carry older stock. Not ideal if you are only using hand luggage but investing in your skin is he best type of investment.
Happy Sunning. I hope you get away for some Winter sun this year!

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