Modern Muse Nuit by Estée Lauder 

Launched last week Modern Muse Nuit launched and it didn’t disappoint me. Estee Lauder as a brand is one I have loved for many a year and I cannot deny in recent times they have really upped their game in the fragrance department. Since the launch of Sensuous I have found a new modern respect for the brand and their fragrance line. Which brings me to the Modern Muse Nuit scent, with Kendal Jenner as the Muse and face of the brand they have matched the scent to the muse perfectly. I worked with fragrance in another life so apologies in advance for the passion and he fact that my perfume posts look or read like a press release. The winter is coming as are the big nights out and the fragrance that will make you feel glamourous and redolent is his one.

Citrus is one of my absolutely favourite notes and this opens with a very distinct mandarin one. There is a berry undertone hat is quote distinctive and this is described as cassis ( blackcurrant). This fruity start is combined with Jasmine and heliotrope. Sexy and seductive. This combination makes for an explosive heart of the fragrance. The warm woody amber finish contains sandalwood, Tonka bean vanilla and amber. I would say the finish is patchouli which is something that never fails to get my attention in a fragrance. All in all this fragrance will appeal to anyone that likes a sweet floral fragrance hat is slightly spicy and warm. The EDP comes in 30ml,50ml and 100ml and is on counter right now.



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