Redness Relief 

Redness is a Celtic ailment with many Irish skin types being prone to it. Concealing it can be a nightmare but treating it isn’t as hard as you might think. Laser treatments have been proven to be the most effective but can be both costly and intrusive. They will tackle red veins and broken capillaries but what about people like me who are just naturally rosy cheeked? Firstly avoid any physical exfoliants. The rough grains can make the broken veins worse and more noticeable. If you have an oily T Zone then uses the exfoliator here only avoiding the cheeks Hot cloth cleansers are a bad option too as heat to the area will cause further redness. I wish companies would stop marketing these as hot cloth cleansers and advise people to use only tepid water on the skin. Hot water not only burns the skin but can cause dryness and damage too.,Many people think that washing your face is what causes the damage but the incorrect product and temperature can be what is most damaging. Skincare companies have lately recognised that at home treatments are what informed consumers are purchasing because they have minimal downtime and are effective and affordable.

Clinique Redness Solution Soothing cleanser is a really gentle product that is a gel – cream texture to melt away impurities and make up without irritation. It helps to not irritate sensitive skin and has gentle exfoliation action too. It uses probiotic technology to ensure optimum comfort. A little goes a long way with this cleanser. Now available in Brown Thomas €25 and purchase two Clinique products (one to be skincare) and get a free gift. Clinique have a whole range dedicated to anti redness and are experts in targeted skincare. Neo Strata – Redness Neutralising Serum will target the source of redness and restore and strengthen the skins barrier. It also helps to calm red and rosacea prone skin. It is a lightly cooling serum that is paraben, alcohol, oil and fragrance free. It contains the Biocalm complex which targets inflammation and reduces swelling. It is designed to be used twice per day under your regular moisturiser after cleansing. Clinical studies have shown that if it is used twice daily there is a significant improvement in redness after two weeks.  It retails at €46 and is available on and in Minihans pharmacy.   Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective masque is the latest product to launch in the Phyto range which cools and calms the skin – Cucumber, thyme, olive and mulberry extracts provide optimum comfort to soothe red or irritated skin particularly if the skin has been exposed to external aggressors such as heat or extreme cold. It also will help to replenish moisture as it contains hyaluronic acid. It is oil free and has a light gel texture which instantly provides a light cooling sensation and can be used several times a week.  It is also available in a serum which I love to use as a primer it isn’t oily and is a great product to use every day for all skin types. It is available at Kathryn Revell cosmetic and is €60.

La Roche Posay Thermal Spring water is ideal for use during central heating weather.  Thermal Spring Water is ideal for daily use and can be used to soothe and soften sensitive skin, comfort and refresh the skin after cleansing and hydrate and refresh skin in warmer weather. I use this product instead of a toner to refresh after cleansing and it was a welcome addition poolside too on holidays to keep me cool. Suitable for adults and children it is one product I always have close to hand at home.Finally just treat your redness with gentle products and if you are using concealer to camouflage  then choose one that is easily removed and not too heavy.


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