Declare – Skincare for Sensitive souls 

Committing to a whole new skincare regime can be both unaffordable and a pain in the behind. If you are sensitive though this can prove to be both painful for your skin and your pocket.Sensitive skin can quite often react to many anti ageing ingredients, therefore what brand is better for your skin than one that is designed especially for it?

Don’t worry though I have the answer in the form of a gift set from Declare and their Caviar perfection, which allows you to perfect your skincare routine and your skin to indulge in pure luxury. The anti-wrinkle skincare series with beneficial caviar extract provides your sensitive ageing skin with everything it needs to be beautiful.

This  set which contains Luxury Anti-Wrinkle Cream 25ml, Immediate Effect Firming Mask 25ml, Luxury Anti-Wrinkle Body Butter 25ml, Caviar Beautifying Serum 5ml all for only €39.95.

I am going to play the Christ,as card here now too, it would be a great gift for anyone that is 40 plus and concerned with fine lines and hydration. Or you could be utterly selfish and keep it for yourself which is exactly what I did.

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