Platinum Is Priceless 

After being Becky with the good hair for the last five months or so I headed out to my salon of the moment All Dolled Up for a bit of a root job, I am not a natural blonde and my hair is not entirely home grown either if you know what I mean.

A week in the Canary Islands saw me with some good regrowth so I went out for my last colour with my great lengths ( currently in the process of saving for a new set I can’t live without them.The thing about your hair , whether you blog or not is that you need it to be right. If you get a bad colour it can be literally a year trying to sort it.

Thankfully I haven’t had a bad hair day in years. So it is always worth getting an appointment with a great salon. All Dolled up is definitely one of my go to places.I also had a blow dry before i went with Molly, she is really super at the big bouncy blow dries.

My hair was still a nice clean blonde even though I had the water to contend with in Lanzarote.The water there makes your hair brassy and fuzzy.



I attribute this to a few things:

A great Colourist ( Yes Stephen Mac I am looking at you)

A great colour product: Redken and the aptly named Glam Blonde

A great Shampoo and Conditioner : Pureology Perfect for Platinum

Discipline : Keeping my hair out of the sea and chlorine

As a blonde it can be hard to find someone that gets your hair and listen to you for a hours while they are doing it. I love the guys at AllDolled up the vibe in the salon is great! There is a happy but professional atmosphere and you are never rushed which is what you need when it comes to your hair.

The Dolls are celebrating 3 year in business next month and I can get why they have such a loyal client list and a waiting list.

Here is the first blog post :

The half way mark and my first Redken Colour:

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