Non Surgical Rhinoplasty 

Since I first had injectables way back in 2014 ( Botox) my attitude to aesthetics had changed radically. Primarily because now it’s part of my day to day life ( I work in a clinic that specialises in it) and so has my perception of my face. I’ve never been especially looks confident , I’m gonna to put that out there right here and now. The confidence I have in myself is all based on my personality and skills ( stuff I am good at) .It has nothing to so with my face and although I don’t class myself as a complete minger, small improvements can certainly give you a boost.

I’ll tell you here and now I’m a saleswoman , if I’m passionate and believe in a product I can sell it. How do you sell non surgical Rhinoplasty? I’ll tell you how, see a problem and offer to have it fixed. Show the results an the after pictures. And like everything I write  complete honesty.
My nose was always a bit wonky , the technical name for the wonkiness is a saddle deformity, now before everyone gets up in arms about the word deformity it’s a medical term. I’m fully aware I’m not deformed per-say. How can adding to your nose make it look better? Surely everyone wants a button nose? Perhaps but with my honker unless I head for actual Rhinoplasty, I’ll never have it. Also my face is kinda round and bony so having a nose like this is actually not so bad. A kinky konk is kinda part of who I am.

Restylane Perlane  is a hyaluronic and lidocane filler that is used for dermal fillers. I had just 0.02ml of filler injected by the Doctor in the clinic and here is the immediate result. Impressive no? It is subtle enough to make a difference but not so much that I look very different. My nose was numbed topically with a cream, and the injection happened live on Facebook . Afterwards it was tender for three or four days and I cant have any facials until Mid November, I had a check up after two weeks and it was perfect, no additional filler needed. I also had my lips done but that is a work in progress so once they are done I will show you pics. It took around fifteen minutes, and my nose had been numbing for 45 minutes so it didn’t hurt at all.  My pain threshold is pretty good, so if you are sensitive you can always take Ibuprofen.

However – and this is a really big however – it is not easy to carry out, it is very specialist.  Although treatment may be done in a short period of time, it is paramount that your practitioner knows what they are doing. Not only you should you seek treatment from a medical professional, they should also have substantial experience in performing this specific treatment request before and after pictures. Research the testimonials. The benefits of having dermal filler over opting to take the surgical route are plenty. Not only does it eliminate a long downtime period, it also removes the need for anaesthetic and the risk of scarring. It also means that you can enjoy a more subtle look.

Not everyone is suitable for this procedure and you just need to call the clinic for a consultation appointment to assess your suitability Prices start from €400.


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