Trilogy Rosehip Oil and Cleanser

Oil is not ideal if you have oily or sebaceous skin however if like me you are mature and  dry/ combination then listen up. Rosehip has long be praised for its skincare benefits so when Trilogy released this one which is certified organic too I had to try it.This blog is written from notes as it has been a while since I trialed it.

Here are the claims:

Combining nourishing essential fatty acids with super antioxidants, lycopene and phytosterol, this certified organic beauty oil is deeply moisturising while helping to protect against environmental free radical damage.

In the interests of fairness I must state that I continued to use my regular Vitamin C also, but substituted my usual moisturizer with this one and it made my skin soft and smooth but a little congested. So I took away my regular antioxidant and voila it worked like a treat.I didn’t out a cream over it, but did use a radiance primer. Just to give my foundation a base. I did persevere and use the whole bottle, but towards the end I was bringing it down my neck and onto the boob area to use it up.

I would say that this is a great alternative for anyone with dry or dehydrated skin but the oil does sit on the sin surface so you are if you are oily in danger of having the softness but also the pore clogging. It is also suitable for use during pregnancy. The idea behind an antioxidant is that you use it daily, once per day but I really liked this as a treat at night, to massage my skin if it felt dry or tight. As it was quite warm and summertime when I used it I can’t help but feel that I might have fared better with it in the winter.

The make up be gone cleanser was also a hit, again only for dry skin though.

The Claims :

A lush, end-of-the-day cleansing balm to remove foundation, mascara and lipstick like nothing else, even long-wear and waterproof formulations. Packaged with its own sustainably produced, unbleached, organic cotton cloth, this new way to cleanse is the perfect night-time ritual to melt away make-up and nourish your skin.

Combining a rich blend of pure plant oils, the luxurious balm melts on contact with warm skin, dissolving impurities and leaving your face perfectly cleansed, supple and silky-smooth.

I applied it directly onto my skin, a little goes a long way. The balm is lovely and comforting and makes light work of even he heaviest of waterproof product, it smells lovely and will give a good cleanse. You remove it with a cloth hat is provided. I did find it left slight residue but as with all balms you have to double cleanse. so a light foaming wash after with my trusty  Clarisonic is what I used. Generally I would say as a regimen these would only suit dry or dehydrated skin really. I also felt the cleanser could have done with a second cloth but that is me nit picking.


All in all I liked the products, they were good value for money and super if you are conscious about chemicals or are pregnant or breastfeeding. Again I think dry and mature skins will love it. Oily skins should avoid it like the plague. I love the brand Trilogy and i almost always include it in gifts for expectant mamas and sensitive souls.

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