Golden Goddess Christmas Gifting 

Bling is the best at Christmas and with the party season just around the corner I just though I would remind you of a way to adorn your body with the finest in bling. The internet went into a frenzy earlier this year with the release of the Rose Gold Oil by Marissa Carter and now she has released the ultimate in cool glow the Ice Goddess. I haven’t tried it yet but I have tried the other two. See below the pictures in Natural and nighttime light.

The oils themselves are a dry oil texture so they dry and you can dress almost straight away afterwards. I like to apply he Rose Gold one on my shoulder and Decolletage and Golden shade on my shins and back. They work really well over a spray tan or a tan that develops. Don’t attempt apply over instant as the oil will dissolve the tan and you will be left with a real messy situation. It obviously looks great if you are a non tan wearer too particularly the Rose Gold version as it gives a nice glow with a silky luminous finish.

You can use it n your face, although for oilier skin types you may find it a little heavy, and it can be tricky (like all liquid over foundation products are) to apply. I have tried it and must say the glow was stratospheric in the photos. I definitely prefer it though on my body.

It won’t ruin your sheets, it washes out and it won’t stain your clothes. I would avoid wearing it with light coloured silk fabrics because the colour can transfer, same as I wouldn’t be inclined to wear instant tan with those fabrics either.

The pump is really handy and makes the whole application process far less messy and more cost effective too as you are not wasting the product. You can buy it in Penney’s nationwide with the regular size being €11.95.



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