Nars – Aqua Gel Mask

‘Tis the season for excess and if you are treating your tummy to some mince pies then make sure that you treat your skin to something equally nice. Masking your skin should be part of your regular routine and it certainly seems to be the trendy thing to. Aside from trendy it is a great way of damage limitation, for me I mask on a Sunday and Thursday.Looking at this mask it is great for combination and slightly dry skin, the texture is gel cream which you can actually leave on overnight if you wish. Apply it twice a week to cleansed skin, if you want take it off, tissue it off with some damp cotton.

Overall it offered hydration and left my skin feeling soft and looking bright. It is definitely not a major game changer in terms of hydration but it does improve the luminosity. I feel it is a great product to apply just before you head out to give you a radiant glow underneath your foundation.  The ingredients are all botanical and the mask is formulated without parabens. It contains beech bud extract which is a natural collagen booster, the Wild Pansy is clinically proven to boost your own hyaluronic acid.

Nars is not as well known for its skincare but it is definitely worth a shot. I would see it more like a great pre- make -up product rather than a super mask. I guess it is like a strobe cream that you tissue off. The person I think will love this is someone that enjoys lightweight textures and doesn’t like a lot of product on their skin. I have been using it for the last few weeks and really have seen a difference in how my make up lasts and find it looks dewy and fresh.€39.00 is I think a fair price for the product as a little goes a long way.

You can buy it here :

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