Dual Intensity Nars 

Nars is a brand that I have had a long term love affair with. I have always been a fan and even when you couldn’t get i easily in Ireland I was online shopping and getting family and friends to ship it over. As well as that I have been a fan of gifting the products and generally spreading the Nars love. Many an Irish woman has had their first Orgasm with Nars…. there are one of these sold every couple of seconds all over the world and for Irish gals the blush is the perfect peachy pink tones. There have been billions of blogs written on it so ?

I am showcasing some of their most recent products here.


Take the two beauties above Dual intensity eye-shadow in Riegal is a showstopper for me. The perfect champagne tone to create a spotlight eye, metallic and radiant the shadow can be used wet or dry. Used dry it gives the perfect light ,metallic effect, uses wet its a more intense foiled effect. This shade is versatile in that you can use it with any colour. Create the perfect smokey eye by adding a dark brown or purple.



You can see the blush and highlighter above it’s aptly called Jubilation and works so well on all skin tones. The warmth adds a subtle glow when it’s used dry. Add a little make up fixing spray for New Years glamour . Easily the most versatile duo I’ve used on my cheeks.  Finally the multiple sticks are just the bomb. Use them on eyes lips and cheeks. The colours below are St Barths to contour and Copacabana to give a nice cool highlight. A little spendy at €41 each however they offer a really blendable not to mention soft focus effect on the skin. 

What are your Nars faves? Do you have any staples in your bag? 

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