Nima -Build your Brush

Did you get anything nice from Santa? In November I was lucky enough to get these ” build it up” brush kit from Nima. It’s an eye kit that contains every brush fir the eye area that you could possibly need. Light fluffy blenders and short bristle precision brushes are all housed in a beautiful duck egg blue purse. The fluffy heads really pick up the right amount of product and blend transition colours along the socket line. The black fluffy one creates the most perfect smokey crease. There is of course the pencil brush for highlighting the brow bone and tear duct area. It blends perfectly. The liner brush when used edge on will create a great flick with a gel liner. It’s also superb for tightlining the waterline. The stubby smudger I also use under the lower lashline to crreate a bit of drama … not that I ever like to call myself dramatic. 
Nima Brushes just get it, if they were a friend they’d be the one that stops you from texting your ex at 2am. Reliable and they do their job 🙂 

The brushes are great quality and wash really well. I didn’t find bristle loss a problem in fact after the first rinse I haven’t seen any hair loss at all. 

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