The Tan….. 

I have Gammy Skin. Psoriasis has me plagued of late, and everything is causing has it to flare up and get hot and irritated.

I am also deathly pale. Not in a blue way. But I’m Celtic. 

The Tan is a brilliant Irish high end tan that I use that doesn’t smell nor does it irritate my skin. The gel texture is perfect for my dry skin. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t streak at all. I used a mitt to apply a layer and it dries quickly. It doesn’t stink at all although the usual areas will smell pre shower once it develops , think underarms. 

Applying a second layer won’t leave you orange either. It builds well to a brown golden look. 

 The fade off really is perfect. I have NEVER found a better fade in any product. Because the fade is so good it’s the perfect one to being on holidays because it doesn’t build up. 
I had a spray version done too and it was just gorgeous, it fades fantastically as well. My only wish is that it was more widely available, I buy it online but would love to be able to just pop to the local pharmacy and pick it up. 
€21 is not a bad price for an excellent product. Here’s hoping the pharmacies stock it.