Elave your barrier for winter 

This weather is cold and I am suffering. Everything is dull and sore and I needed help. Dry dehydrated and dull i sound like a film from the 1800’s. I have also been dodging the dermatologist. To be honest my last visit to him was both uninspiring and frankly left me wanting to tear the head off him. Not ordinarily violent I felt his attitude to something hat I had lived with my whole teenage and adult life was a bit caviler and crappy.He basically told me it could be worse and I should live with it. es I have no choice as there is o cure only management which in he winter is hard work. Topical steroids aren’t my favourite thing in the world and I ry to limit what I do with them for obvious reasons.

I was lucky enough to be gifted some Elave skincare sent to me to try and as I knew I wouldn’t be I wasn’t disappointed. The body cream is unscented rich and a great emollient.Enriched with coconut oil and paraffin it is intensely hydrating and comforting on Psoriasis and Eczema pone skin. It stops the heat that i suffer with quite frequently post bath shower or at hormonal times.Hormonal times are hard enough without feeling like you want to rip the skin off yourself!As this is especially for extreme dryness I think unless you suffer with flaky skin you out to just stick with the regular Elave lotion. A couple of days using his and you will be feeling soft and silky.

The lips are something that we often neglect until hey require urgent attention but the balm is really nice and great for our handbag,. I actually purchased one of these for my freelance kit too for weddings as very often you can encounter a bride or someone in the wedding party will dry lips, especially if you are using a matte lipstick to last the day.

Elave products are available in pharmacies and you can read all about the company which is Irish here: http://www.elaveskincare.com/pages/our-story

I haven’t been compensated in any way for this review it is just an opinion and the review is based on goods I was sent as gift.

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