Skin Meditation – Declare

Is there anything worse than sensitive reactive skin? Sometimes external aggressors like heat and wine play havoc on our skin and Swiss brand Declare have just the answer. A rich luxurious cream that ? I got to trial , Skin Meditation during a recent bad  skin time. I was reactive and red primarily from the overuse of some peeling and Retinol products that I honestly shouldn’t have mixed and I did. For anyone that is assessing their suitability that hasn’t had a nightmare like this , I would suggest generally dry reactive skin would love it. It contains calendula and linseed extract which are calming and natural.  The cream I used morning and evening for a full month, a tiny amount is enough to do your face and neck. It doesn’t contain an SPF so I used a separate one of those. What I noticed was that my skin was calm and not flaky. The redness didn’t disappear completely but it never will . I have Celtic skin. I did however feel a good reduction in tightness and my skin wasn’t as flaky and definitely was more supple. I think anyone that is a runner or spends time outdoors will love this too as it helps repair the skins barrier. Anyone that has had a reaction to a product will find this a great addition to heir skincare arsenal. It is available in O Sullivan’s Pharmacy in Cork and pharmacies nationwide. Price wise the range is similar to Boots No7, but I love Declare much more, because I am a sensitive soul. Overall I think this is a revitaliser cream, one that you would use for one or two jars and then revert back to your regular skincare which is what I did. Long term hypersensitive skin may just need it constantly.

Declare sent me this product, however I have not been compensated in any way for this review so it isn’t an advert or sponsored. The review is honest and I enjoy reviewing skincare more than anything.

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