Every month we start with the same resolutions, to be better to detox and to look younger and fresher.  Unfortunately for me the only thing that was dry in January was my skin. . The only things that can detox your skin properly are your liver and kidneys so it is important to get on the water bandwagon. Flushing excess toxins will see a healthy more hydrated skin after all those glasses of wine and mince pies. Also, using a great product like Thalgo Detox seven-day treatment will see great results. Combined with a high-performance detoxifying action, which rids the skin of oxidized proteins, this intensive serum tones and removes signs of fatigue in 7 days. The skin is left re-plumped and is visibly more beautiful, radiant, and healthy.    With skin, friendly ingredients including fresh scent of green leaves, orange, neroli and white musk, this 7-day ritual is a real treat for the skin. The ampules are individually cased so you use just the right amount. You use half in the morning and half in the evening.  It costs €46.00 so is cost effective. Treat yourself by avoiding alcohol and keeping hydrated during the seven days. Ditch the micellar water and switch to a double cleanse. Removing make up and free radicals from your Face with a good quality cream cleanser such as Estee Lauder Take it away €27, specially formulated to get rid of the long wear foundation and then use a great cleanser that foams such as the Skinceuticals Simply Clean €40. This contains salicylic acid which will help slough off the dead skin and dehydration from your skin surface, it is also pore refining which is the key to clear ageless skin and excellent to help your skin remain clear and blemish free during hormonal times. Also, removing dead skin will help your products such as serums and creams more effective because they aren’t just hydrating dead skin which is a waste of money and time. A good device to help cleanse like the L’Oréal Clarisonic will revolutionise your skincare routine. It helps exfoliate and rouse the blood to the skin surface which in turn promotes collagen growth. On a personal level I like the one for just the face, I rarely use the body attachment and just bring the face one down onto my neck and chest area. Because beauty starts on the inside try Revidox supplements. These contain resveratrol and zinc which is proven to help your skin regenerate and glow from within. A two-month supply of these will see you looking great come springtime when you ditch the heavier make up for a fresher faced look. For antiaging Vitamin, A applied topically is the best helper for your skin. More commonly known as Retinol this treatment used at night helps your skin to renew itself. This high strength complex delivers 0.5% pure, stabilized Retinol along with patented NeoGlucosamine to amplify and intensify the volumising and firming effects versus Retinol alone. Formulated with time-released microencapsulated Retinol, this complex maximises stability while enhancing the tolerability of this potent formulation. NeoGlucosamine is also a gentle exfoliant that helps reduce the appearance of uneven pigment and age spots. Freshness and efficacy of the product are maintained with a Triple Stabilising Complex and a specially designed airless pump. I have used this and recommend it if your skin isn’t sensitive. It is quite an active treatment and generally I don’t think these are suitable or well tolerated by hyper sensitive skins.   You need to build up tolerance using it once or twice per week for a few weeks and then increasing the dosage slowly. It is available from Minihans pharmacy and it is imperative that you follow the directions carefully.

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