One Step Wonder 

As today is Tuesday I am giving you plenty of notice for the weekend of my skin SOS product for the post boozy night out. You know the one when you get home merry and think it’ll be OK I will remove it tomorrow? That carry on is best avoided to be honest because not only are you punishing your liver, you are also persecuting your skin. Clarins, one of my favourite brands has the answer to your prayers in this dual phase make up remover.  Applied directly to cotton pads it makes light work of make up and is not too creamy or heavy so you can applied a little night cream afterwards. Although it says it is suitable for all skin types I think dry skin may need a bit more loving for everyday use. The bonus is that it smells fresh and uplifting too. It is a 200ml bottle though so you can’t take it on-board although some of the bigger Clarins counters will have a handy travel size bottle to buy also. A nifty one for the guest bathroom too as it really is easy to use.

This is a product I purchased myself. Clarins have never sent me anything to blog about but ?I do like their brand.

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