Peeling? Yes please

idealiaBy now everyone is aware that night time is when your skin regenerates and renews itself. Good sleep and a good night time regime is essential to this. Of all the women, I meet mums are the ones that struggle most with this. If you are time poor and tired in the evenings taking even five minutes can seem overwhelming but washing or cleansing your face just isn’t enough. The effects of stress and exhaustion brought on by our modern day fast-paced lifestyle have led to the phenomenon of cutaneous exhaustion – where skin mirrors the effects of lifestyle factors on the body. Just as your body feels exhausted, it is reflected in your skin and its ability to renew itself. Chances are if you feel dull and lifeless then so does your skin. We should all be coming out of “Dry January” a little healthier and this phenomenon shouldn’t apply to your skin. Dead skin needs to be removed and rather than harsh exfoliants which can cause broken thread veins and rosacea many women are opting for exfoliating products containing AHAs and glycolic, it goes without saying that the day after SPF is absolutely a must. Avoiding the eye contour area is also a must as the skin here is too delicate for heavier exfoliating products. Vichy have launched IDÉALIA PEELING, its first overnight liquid peel which has been formulated to suit even the most sensitive skin. Vichy’s new radiance activating night peeling care combines 4% Glycolic Acid to create a gentle peeling action for long-term radiance and improved skin quality day-by-day. Its unique water-light formula visibly tightens pores, improves skin texture and smooths fine lines. Skin is left feeling softer and looking brighter. You cleanse your skin apply this using a cotton pad and follow up with your regular night time routine. It is one step that can really help renew your skin and contains blueberry and kombucha, two renowned antioxidants as with all Vichy products it is available in pharmacies, price €30.00 for 100ml. Yonka targets dull pigmented skin with a holy trinity of acids, glycolic, salicylic and lactic with its potent ESSENTIAL WHITE SOLUTION. The skins deeper cells are soothed and hydrated with natural sugars and the mélanogensis process is controlled to correct pigment disorders. The result is an uncompromised smoothing and renewing effect that optimizes the brightening actions of the complete ESSENTIAL WHITE Regime. This comes in 30ml bottles with a dropper that is applied directly to the skin. It retails at €56. If peeling isn’t your thing then try Kiehls Midnight Concentrate, a proven radiance booster with 99.8 per cent natural ingredients. It contains evening primrose oil, this acts like a repair and barrier ingredient. Lavender essential oil, which we all know is lauded as the calming and soothing product hat aids relaxation, it also soothes blotchiness. Finally, the ingredient I had never heard of but the actual basis for a lot of Kiehls products, squalane, it is a botanical lipid that is like our own skin lipids, this affinity makes it easily absorbed. Available in Debenhams and priced at €44, for a three month supply it can be used alone or under a moisturiser. If you are on a budget the Ziaja has a product for you for under €10, the Manuka Tree gentle exfoliating night cream is designed specifically for acne or oily skin. Gentle almond acid exfoliates and antibacterial manuka and tea tree ensure that there is no pore clogging, €6.99 and a little goes a long way. Goats milk is a much-loved ingredient for sensitive skin and the night cream is complete and utter heaven for dry skin sufferers. Anyone with atopic skin conditions have found the PH balance in goats milk to be at a level that helps with sensitivity. This nourishing anti-wrinkle formula won’t break the bank either €6.99. Over 50’s will rejoice at the Jasmine offering. The active ingredients include hyaluronic acid and jasmine oil, all for €7.99. Ziaja is a family owned Polish company that is established for almost 30 years. It was developed by two pharmacists and has a staggering 1,000 afferent products in their range from shampoos to baby products. You can find then in pharmacies and Sam MC Cauley seem to stock a good variety. Be persistent with all skincare as it takes 4-6 weeks for the products to tale effect regardless of their price point. Now that February is here we all want to look fresh and ready for spring summer trends and let me tell you it is all about bright flawless skin without that heavy look. The best way to achieve It, is to have great skin underneath, however nest week I will share some tips and tricks on how to fake it.



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