Elave – The Sensitive Solution 

Sensitive skin needs quite specific care yet it still ages quite rapidly as it tends to renew slower and leans normally towards dry.Step in Elave, the Irish skin brand that is kind and effective and purse friendly. It is SLS free too which is a winner in my book. The less sulphates we use on our skin the better. Take first the Rejuvenating wash which contains 12 percent glycolic. This chemically exfoliates dead skin and helps with collagen synthesis. What the hell is that? Collagen is the main protein and extra cellular tissue in our skin, put simply synthesis helps to promote new skin growth and development by breaking down older surface skin that we are ready to shed.  There is a whole science bit that you can read about but for the purposes of keeping you all awake I will stick to the simple version. Priced at €26.95 it really is worth it as a little goes a long way. As with all facial cleansing you can use your cleansing brush, Clarisonic or a flannel with tepid water. Tepid water is better for the skin, hot water isn’t good about hate term hot cloth as I think it encourages people to scald their face. A good cleanser is a really integral part of your routine and a wash will always trump a cream for me.


Twin this with the rejuvenating night treatment. This is also suitable for pregnancy it contains vitamin e and 8 percent glycolic. It is really hydration for anyone that suffers with extremely dry skin. Vitamin E is proven to help the skin repair and a little goes a long way and at €28 is reasonably priced too. For daytime there is a an oil free version too. Manuka honey is the base for the day version €19.95.  It is suitable for all skin types even oily and works really well as a base for make up.


Elave is Irish, widely available and good value for money as a brand. They do a whole range of products and their ethos is treating skin right comes across in each product.

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