Faking It

Faking it

Fake lashes are something I wear every day, I like the versatility of them. You can have everything from a natural look to a full-on flutter look in less than three minutes. My tips for buying and applying falsies? Firstly, choose lashes that suit your eye shape. If you are a lash virgin, then start with a wispier natural lash with a very thin band. Deep set Eyes look great with lases that are longest in the middle,” SoSu” by Suzanne Jackson have a perfect set called Sue, €19.99, for these eyes as they make the eyes look bigger. If your eyes are downturned then try a lash with a longer outside, Kiss “So Wispy” €3.50, exclusive to Penneys are perfect for this as the lashes graduate outwards. If you have close set or prominent eyes its important that you balance the top and bottom so put an extra coat of bottom lash mascara to showcase this. If your eyes are hooded opt for a natural strip lash like Eylure “Naturals “in 031, €6.99.  These are some good guidelines for lash shopping. Always measure the lashes a good way of doing this before your purchase is to hold the packet under the nose the lashes facing outwards, if you are near a mirror you will see if they are too wide as they do come in various widths. Once you get them home it is a good idea before you apply glue to measure them. I always do my eye makeup and liner as well as apply a good coat of mascara before applying lashes. A great gel liner will help the band of the lash become invisible. Kiss wing it eyeliner is great as it won’t budge and comes with a liner template to make your lashes pop .Make sure that your brows look good too if you are focusing on eyes.

Two brands which are Irish born I have shown below. the first ones (flower crown) are €19.99 and by So Su the name is Sue and to be honest ?I have worn these at least ten times and they are still perfect. They would suit any eye shape. The second ones are by Cork Salon Dollface Vanity and the lashes are called BoomBoom. They retail at €12 and you can pop into the salon to see the full range or look online http://www.dollfacevanity.ie. Enter code glamiy10 for a little cheeky 10 percent off.

 Fantastic pharmacy Brand Kiss  have a True beginner set which contains a set of lashes a measuring tool glue a scissors and an eyelash applicator. Using a tweezers or lash applicator rest the unglued lashes along your lash line. A good idea is that the lashes should start where your own do, from the inner eye and end 2 to 4 lashes of your natural lashes from the outer eye. This prevents irritation and means the lashes won’t make your eyes smaller. Trim them accordingly, always from the band or vein with a small scissors.  Apply the glue along the vein of the lash, leave it for a few seconds so it can get tacky then apply as close to the root of your won as you can. I find going in from above helpful as you can see it clearly. Squeeze them in place with your application tool. Leave a minute between eyes to give them a chance to adjust. Lashes can feel a bit strange and heavy in the eye initially. A few blinks though and it will be like they were always yours.

 If you want a multidimensional look then Eylures’ new lashes have a patent for a more flexible application and a 3D effect and a gorgeous look on the eye Eylure 3 Dimensional 111 is a layered lash with a patented offset band for a lengthened look and depth, priced at €9.99 from Boots, they look really fluttery and are great for brides and weddings.Just always start with a more natural lash and you can build your tolerance from there. Avoid anything with a thick or plastic band as these are difficult to apply and photograph terribly. The flash makes them look like big pieces of lego on your face. Which lets face it is never a good look.


love and lashes


MJ x


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