Pedicure Pleasure- Happy Feet

Skincare February is still going at a great steady pace with loads of launches the focus is on bright clear skin for spring. Quite often we are guilty of neglecting our hands and feet during the winter. There are a few reasons for this, usually our feet are in tights or socks. Peep toes are a summer trend so now is the time to get revitalised soles. Flip flop season is a while off yet so now is the perfect time to get your feet feeling fab. Our hands will suffer in the cold too with chapped cracked palms from central heating   A professional pedicure is quite simply the best pamper, especially if you have been partaking in regular gym or running. If you are suffering with extreme hard skin then a trip to the podiatrist or chiropodist is on the cards for sure. This is the safest way to get rid of extremely cracked skin or ingrown toenails.  The components of a good pedicure include callus removal and cuticle work as well as some pretty polish to finish it off. The word pedicure is derived from the Latin words pedis which means of the foot and cura which means care. An in salon or spa treatment typically takes 45 mins to an hour and costs between €40-€65 depending on the treatment offered. The feet are soaked in warm water usually infused with essential oils to soften the skin. Then they are exfoliated using granular exfoliants. Hard dead skin is removed either with a pumice stone or blades and cuticles trimmed and oiled. A nice foot rub follows with some specially formulated foot cream, peppermint being a popular and uplifting scent. Toe nails are trimmed and filed and then polished.  If this is out of your budget the best at home treatment available are pedicure booties that contain 17 natural plant botanicals to remove dead skin gradually over a 7-day period. Prepare to shed dull dry skin and reveal soft supple skin. You can use every 6-8 weeks and the results will mean that you never get dry or cracked heels again. Prepare yourself for lots of peeling and keep your feet hydrated to help speed up the renewal, they cost €9.35 per pair and are available in selected pharmacies, salons or They have a whole range of eye masks and face maskes as well. The beauty world is being revolutionised by Korean Sheetmasks and beauty belle is a one stop shop for these.  A relaxing treat for your feet twinned with light cotton socks is Marine based foot cream by skincare brand Thalgo, this deeply nourishing foot cream contains wheat germ oil and protective grape seed oil. Applied daily this will keep the hard skin at bay. I like to apply it at bed time and use cotton pedicure socks available Boots and most pharmacies. The light cotton ensures that the cream is absorbed because it gently keeps the cream warm. You can purchase the foot cream at Thalgo salons for €18. I must admit to having used it on elbows and knees too when they get rough. The hand cream is equally rich and creamy and great to apply mixed with a little self-tan to avoid the orange hands. It is non-greasy and a handy 30ml size to keep in your handbag. Speaking of on the go products Moxi are little cosmetic buds preloaded with eye make-up remover to help avoid mini make up disasters on the go. The 3pm panda eye dilemma can be discreetly wiped away with these individually wrapped treasures. They are a welcome addition to my make-up bag especially as my eyes can be sensitive. They are useful too when you are taking the make-up look from desk to dancefloor, to help with fallout from glitter or eyeshadow pigment.  They are available in Penneys and you can use them for lipstick slips too. A manicure is a lovely indulgent way to spend an hour or two and the right nail technician can change your nails. Personally, I love Shellac, a two-week polish applied using a lamp. It helps to strengthen your nails and gives a really polished and shiny effect. It’s imperative that you get it soaked off though afterwards and many salons will offer free removal. One of the best manicures I have had was at Beauty Crime on Corn Market street. Priced at €30 I was in the chair for cuticle work shaping and polished for 75 mins. It lasted a whole three weeks too. Sometimes a little extra investment in your manicure sees the best rewards. Beauty Crime also do other services such as Lycon Waxing and organic facials.


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