Urban Decay Ultimate Naked Basics 

I’ll start this blog honestly. This product was one I really wanted to gel with. You know when you meet a guy , abd he pushes some of your buttons , but not all of them so you have to call it a day? Well that’s how I felt about this product. I whipped myself up into a frenzy when I saw online, waiting for the release. Warm toned and matte was a winner for me. Like a nun leaving the convent for a tinder date I embarked on what I thought was gonna be the biggest love affair of my life. The colour ” extra bitter ” gave me butterflies of glee. 

Anyway I tried it and didn’t really like it. Then I tried it again and kinda loved it. Then I borrowed a friends face and tried it from a MUAs perspective and didn’t like it at all. The pigment is hard to blend. The colour is too ” chunky” and I found that it was almost chalky and hard to pick up on the brush. 

The brush that comes with it is most definitely not any good for using with the shadow but it’s absolutely brilliant as a concealer brush. Go me. Finding the silver lining. 

All however wasn’t lost. I have used it to add depth to other looks I’ve created and it works for that purpose. Blending it , even with my fluffiest brushes is hard work. That’s not what I want from an eyeshadow especially as I’m getting older. It’s good and long lasting under the lash line. Not sure that’s a reason to actually buy it though. 

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