Bigger Smoother Plumper

As I have aged plump cheeks are something that I am grateful for because like all women I have suffered minor loss of volume. As skin ages this is natural as your natural reservoir of hyaluronic acid decreases. This causes slackness in jowls shadows and a general loss in facial volume. The depletion becomes more rapid over time and accelerates especially after 50. Th reason that babies have such chubby full cheeks is down to a full presence of HA. What is H.A.? it is a natural lubricating fluid found in the skin and joints. It has a high capacity for holding water it is extremely beneficial for using in skincare products. It has powerful anti-ageing benefits even for acne prone or oily skin.

Cosmeceutical, in clinic brand Skinceuticals have launched HA intensifier a brand new topical serum to help counteract the loss of HA and rebuild your natural reservoirs. To counter the decline, a topical serum must not only deliver the HA to the skins surface (many creams already do this) but it must effectively stimulate HA synthesis below the skin surface. This is obtained using three key ingredients. Proxylane, a support to the skin structure and a collagen stimulant, liquorice root and purple rice extract, these protect the natural reservoirs of HA by slowing down the degradation and finally hyaluronic acid in three forms. It can be used morning and evening as part of your regular skincare routine. The serum itself is quite sticky in texture although the product is well absorbed by the skin and afterwards feels soft and hydrated but not oily. It is €91 and available for Kathryn Revell Cosmetic.

Dehydration is so common, especially now, after central heating and air-conditioning plays havoc with our skin. It concerns all ages and skin type but finding the right product is vital to prevent over feeding our skin.  If you like a natural product British brand Bryt Skincare have a deeply nourishing oil based serum called Boost. This serum is only suited to dehydrated and mature skin as the texture is oily and extremely comforting to the skin. I found this best used at night time as the texture is too slick to wear under make up. It really encourages you to massage it in as the texture is easy to work with. This stimulates the skin too and will help it to regenerate. I also found the makeup free days my skin loved it like a mask. One or two pumps is enough for the face and neck. I also thought it good for the chest area to help with crepe like skin, dehydrated after a winter spent wearing polo necks and high blouses. It is paraben free and uses ingredients like lavender and jojoba to awaken the skin and make it supple.

 It costs just €29.99 and is available on Use it as part of your regular night time regimen, with a light moisturiser over it.

And finally, my skin isn’t the only thing I like to be plump and recently I have discovered a nifty time saver for my hair. I stood on my hair straighteners, rendering them completely useless not to mention an electrical hazard and so needed something that would offer me volumized smooth hair without the GHD price tag. Remington Keratin Radiance Volume brush €39.99, which gives volume and smoothness from root to tip. The brush shape is round which means you can add a loose curl too. Suitable for short to medium hair the warm plates add shine while the brush smooths and adds natural looking movement. I like a more flippy type finish to my hair with movement and this wonder brush gives you exactly that. It is perfect for anyone that struggles with blow drying their hair. Simply use a hair dryer and regular brush to detangle. Then smooth it with the hot brush. It won’t drag or pull at your hair. I was surprised that how easy is was to use and there is no burning your fingers either as the bristles don’t get too warm. Just be sure to use a heat protection product as you would with a tongs or hair dryer. For longer length hair there is the sleek and smooth brush which is shaped more like a paddle brush for smoothing longer or fuller hair, €89.99, available from Sam McCauley, selected pharmacies and electrical retailers.


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