Kiss Lashes – two ways 

There isn’t a lot you can get for €3.50 these days is there? Sexy eyes though are less than a fiver away with budget bestie kiss. These ” So Wispy ” lashes are perfect for day or evening wear. The feather light band is really easy to apply and looks incredibly natural, so much so that, these babies you can wear without liner if you wish. This is no mean feat for lashes as you almost always need to wear some kind of liner or base unless they are individual.  These work really well on most eye shapes as well because the hair is natural. As you can see you can also wear them with reading glasses. This seems like such an obvious thing to say but not all lashes are created equally for day and evening wear. I always use duo glue with any brand of lash as I like that it peels off the eye easily and won’t damage the actual lash either. I reused these ones a few time and have repurchased them for my make up kit. The price point is better than Ardell and the quality just as good in my opinion.


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