Fake Bake and the beauty box 

Spray tans are becoming so popular of late. Every occasion from a tinder date to a first holy communion can mean you need a quick even bronze and one Thursday recently I decided to take up the offer of a complimentary spray tan in the comfort of my own home. It was neither my first holy communion nor have I decided to date again, it was a pick me up after a shit week.  Aine arrived just as I set my cooker alight with a plastic spoon ( long story ) so while she set up I was making sure my kitchen didn’t burn down. I’m naturally pale and dry skinned but I did all of the necessary prep in the days  beforehand. Aine offers Bellamianta ( which I don’t like personally , neither does my skin) and Fake Bake and Fake Bake Dark.  I know from the home Fake Bake product that it fades well so I just opted for that. You can see from the before and after pictures that I bronzed well. The colour was natural looking , like I had spent a restful week on the Algarve rather than a fortnight in Morocco, which is what I like.  Aine was in and out in 20 minutes, packing her tent and gun and she was gone. She had several more appointments after me. Tanning Thursday is most defintely a thing. I put a loose dressing gown over me and poured a well deserved gin and tonic. It lashed rain that night too so I was lucky that there was no post dash to the car to contend with. The fade off was the best I’ve ever had with a spray tan. A combination of my prep, Aines spraying and Fake Bake as a product. You know that tiger roll fade off? It was nothing like that, in face I was able to top it up the following Tuesday for an event Wednesday. 

Aine is lovely I felt completely comfortable given I was essentially in the nip in my living room in front of her… my modesty covered by an old pair of Bridget Jones. She will supply a disposable thong though if you’re tanning for tinder. Surely there’s a hashtag there ? 

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