Easter Treats from Cocoa Brown 

The Iced Goddess was released as a special edition at Christmas and like it’s two predecessors is a dry oil suited for use on face and body. The full size ones hit Penneys and Pharmacies in the last few weeks. The CB team sent me a sample at Christmas which was responsible for me prancing around the bars of Cork more glazed than an iced donut.  Perfect for a smokey eye red lip combination when the gold style highlight can look overdone.  I think it looks great on the face and would suit that Irish rose complexion perfectly on the body too. It adds a type of ethereal sheen. I used it over a waterproof foundation on my face and liked the outcome. From a skincare perspective oilier skins might not love it on your face. It’s not greasy but the glimmer might get stuck in your pores. 

I also got a twin set of the tantouring brushes which are handy for use with liquid or powder textures. I’m using the Kabuki style one for foundation at the moment, it’s perfect for giving coverage and it doesn’t cost the earth either. The thinner one in using to try and give me cheekbones. It’s kinda working but I’m kinda chubby so the brush is grand I’ve just got an extra chin at the moment. The brushes clean pretty easily too which is always a bonus. 

The reason I’m suggesting these as an Easter treat is because not everyone will want a chocolate egg. Given the choice I’d opt for a beauty product over chocolate everyday. 
I’m offering an alternative on the blog every day this week to chocolate. Don’t kid yourselves though I’ll be scoffing all the eggs on Easter Sunday. 
Have a good day Beauty Lovers xxxx 

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