Cleanse off Mitt 

I mean no offence to anyone when I say that I was skeptical in relation to the cleanse off mitt.  I’m a big believer in the double cleanse having spent a massive part of my career with a luxury Japanese Skincare Brand so call it as it is, I’m institutionalised when it comes to having clean skin. I come home after a bottle of Cava, remove my heels and then remove my make up. So I’ll start by saying I want to be a clean girl not a dirty girl. My pillows are cream and get changed every second night to avoid bacteria. When I heard there was a cloth available that you reused without putting it in the washing machine I actually nearly had to be sedated. Anyway I didn’t buy it. Then Penneys copycatted it. Badly.  So when they copycat something it must worth copying. So one arrived this week and as I was headed away I decided feck it. If it doesn’t work , I’ll say so. 

Contrary to public belief if I don’t like something I’ll say it, there’s a whole other blog coming online about that. 

So back to my disbelief. The first night I removed my eye make up and had been using a Nars decent coverage tinted moisturiser. It made light work of that. I used some soap to clean the make up off and left it to dry. I also dried my face with a white flannel. There was no make up left. Wow. It felt counter intuitive to me but I couldn’t argue With the results. The second night I did my whole face. The only thing I felt hard to remove was my eyeliner. To me that’s not a bad thing because let’s face it AMC 77 is basically tattoo ink for your face. 

So I think it defintely works. It’s cheaper than wipes. I would still double cleanse after though because I like using active products like salicyic  in my cleanser. If you didn’t want to double cleanse then you could use a product like the Yonka peeling product after to give you the same results. 

So I must admit I’m very impressed. The cloth acts like a magnet to the make up to whip it off.  It’s actually more hygienic than a flannel and it dried really quickly. It retails at €5.95 which is really very little considering a pack of wipes which are ineffective against waterproof make up will cost you the same. Wipes are like a Jagerbomb for your face there is that much alcohol in them. 

Great for sensitive skins too. 
Bravo to Jennifer Rock for a great product. They don’t call her the Skin Nerd for nothing. 

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