Classic tanning with Bronz Express 

A golden glow is something I’m not unaccustomed to being a complete tanimal. I love a nice healthy tan and as I don’t really expose my skin to the sun I wanted to share with you something I’ve been using for many a year now. It’s just relaunched though and I’m delighted that the formula hasn’t changed. In the beauty world the formulae of things tend to change and not always for the better 

The lotion is more of a liquid in texture , think watery which is why it dries quickly and gives instant payoff. The smell is kinda like sun lotion. There’s no nasty smell though. It develops overnight or in around 4 hours but I prefer to do it overnight. 
The little magic drops you add to your foundation or tinted skin product to make it a little warmer. I added it to my SPF too in order to make it less chalky in appearance while I was on holidays. 

Fake tans come and go but for the last 15 years I’ve always had a bottle of Bronz Express handy for my emergency tanning needs. Please ignore the narcissistic selfie but do take a moment to admire the nice glow on my face and chest. The fade off isn’t too shabby either. However your skin doesn’t need to be in good nick to begin with, like with all tans. It’s a quick dry formula so apply it with a mitt and a little bit at a time. The colour guide in this tan is fantastic and so you won’t suffer the dreaded white patches. You can use it too to toe too. Just take your time applying it and you will have the healthy glow of someone that sat poolside in France. 

We should be loving ourselves by keeping the skin on our body as healthy as the one on our face. So make sure your skin is prepped correctly including exfoliation. 

I’m writing this blog poolside in Portugal but by the time it’s published I’ll be home and ready to reapply my next coat of tan. 
Stay bronzed and beautiful and remember smart girls always fake it 

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