Lucky in Lycon 

We all know by now I’m a maintenance waxer. So every four weeks I get the same thing done. Brow shape , moustache wax, Hollywood , underarm and half leg wax.  It’s pretty much a given. I’m not a massive fan of any other hair removal form, shaving gives me patchy results , Veet burns my minky like I’ve been naked sunbathing in boiling oil and the epilator although effective is a bit tiresome. My first ever full on Lycon Wax happened a couple of weeks ago with the wonder waxer Shelley at CityWax. What makes a wonder waxer?  For me personally it’s someone that’s chatty   ( in general), discreet , as in doesn’t say things like ” when was the last time you were waxed I could plait the hairs” ( true story happened my friend). Also someone that doesn’t ask the question ” do you want me to do your chin”? No because if I wanted you to wax my chin I’d have booked the bloody service. I pluck those three hairs. Thanks though. *Rolls eyes. Shelley is wonderful at waxing. She’s also a nice lady.   She’s precise and the awkward bit of the bum area was handed discreetly also. No getting up on all fours.   My skin everywhere  was dry, I’ve been a bit stressed of late so my Psorasis was playing up a bit. We discussed possible reasons for the break out but the precision of the waxing was great so I didn’t need to worry about her going over broken skin. She also advised me exfoliating the bikini area to help with ingrown hairs regularly. The waxing procedure was quick pain free and I’d defintely recommend the Lycon. There’s one wax to rid yourself of the noticeable hair , the ones like tree trunks, then the second one is to get rid of the fine downy hairs, the ones that appear a day or two post a regular wax and you think damn why am I a gorilla. Ten days on I’m smooth as anything still and can see perhaps me getting an extra week. I’m blonde and maintain the waxing so to be fm fair waxing is never that much of a trial.  

Also there was no ” double dipping”. What is that? You know when you’re getting for example your underarms waxed? Well after the spatula has been glided over the sweatiest bit, it’s not plunged back into the wax pot right before doing your upper lip … you know the lip you use to kiss your fella? The temperature at which the wax is kept is the perfect temperature for breeding bacteria. Google molluscum contagiosum. That’ll fix your double dipping doubt.
There’s a wipe provided before you start which is handy if you’ve been at work so you can freshen up the areas like underarms and minky. It’s more pleasant experience for you and the therapist. 

I always wait a week or ten days before I write a service review. I like to see the after effects, and checking out the skin afterwards.  I’m really happy. My skin is smooth and hair free. 

Just be glad gals that the post isn’t called lucky in Lycra or I could have been regaling you with funny stories about the guys in speedos poolside. 
*minky is your vulva / vagina I just can’t bring myself to type the words other than in a factual manner. Stay smooth and sassy xxx 

Happy humpday here’s a picture of my my view while I was being waxed. 

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