Wow-Brows a HD service at City Wax Cork 

One of the things I first notice about people is their eyes. Right above the eyes ,which are the windows to your soul. There have been many bad brows over time , remember Pamela Andersons really thin ones circa Baywatch? Bet she’s regretting the plucking now. 

HD brows are not a new thing , I’ve had them done before. Shannon at City Wax , like myself loves a defined brow. Whilst I was chatting with her she wowed me with her passion for brow artistry. From the colour match right down to the shape and filling in bit. A HD appointment takes 45 minutes because there’s waxing , tinting shaping and threading, it also requires a patch test 48 hours prior to the service. You collect your patch test at reception. 

The consultation takes a few minutes and the shaping etc around 20 minutes. Then a mineral concealer is applied along with some brow product. There is also a mini lesson in how to fill in your brows yourself. 
My brows were overgrown but in good nick. This service would be great for anyone that wants to change the shape or give their face a lift. Brows are so important for eyemake up , giving definition to the face and for a generally more youthful look. HD brows as a brand has a range of pencils and powders as well as a setting gel to help you add defintion. Prices start at €20 for the products. The service itself costs €35. 

All in all 10 days after the service my brows look great. It was great on holidays to not think about the reshape or applying product. You can contact City Wax on 0214 350706 if you too would like a mini facelift. 

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