Kiss Beauty Sponges 

I’ll start this post off with a warning, if you’re the type of person to not wash make up brushes then under no circumstances are you to use a beauty sponge ever. I know I’m a ranter …. Sponges need to be cleaned in anti bacterial soap at least twice a week. Now that the science bit is over we can get down to business. Cleansing as we know it has become a complex thing for many of us. These exfoliating sponges are pretty special though. Once you wet them they soften out and offer a gently physical exfoliation. Because there are no beads or particles the chances of you damaging the skin are minimal. The charcoal one is excellent for oily skin. They are great for a twice weekly slough of the dead skin cells. Just wash it and let it air dry. Replace it after around three months, more often if your bathroom is humid. 

  • You tube has seen the rise of many a bedroom beauty queen using the beauty blender. For anyone that’s unfamiliar with what that is, it’s a sponge shaped like an egg used to apply make up. They worldwide launched but at a €20 price tag are quite expensive for something that in theory is disposable. Not wanting to sound like someone that doesn’t invest  or that’s mean but when you look at the price of foundation brushes in comparison then it gets a bit pointless.

So if you can part with a €5 these ones by Kiss are not only washable and reusable but they work really well. I’m not a massive fan of a cream contour but the purple one makes easy work of it. My favourite of them all is the orange one though. It makes the foundation application fast and turned the BB cream I wear on the make up free days into a fuller coverage. Another top tip is to have one of these on standby for holidays for applying sunscreen to your face. 

For a fiver they are well worth it. Especially if you have never tried the beauty sponge concept before, I defintely put them through their paces. They aren’t machine washable though … I tried

Have a lovely long weekend xxxxx

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