Murphy’s Makeover 

I recently underwent a Kevin Murphy Make over at AllDolledUp , my salon of choice in Ballincollig. Cliona the owner looked after me on this occasion but I’ve always been happy with my hair , Sylvia and Molly have looked after me also in the past. I’ve my eye on Cathy-Anne too ( just so she knows)(she’s the educator for Kevin Murphy ) . I’m always burning her brain about product but she introduced me to the oil I use all of the time now on my hair so she’s only herself to blame. 

Since I turned 38, I’ve decided that my signature platinum locks were a bit ageing and decided to add a little dimension to the colour. My own roots are cool in colour so beige was the most flattering colour to go for me. Cliona I trust implicitly with the colour side of things. I like to think I’m an easy client for the most part. I’m not terribly fussy but I can’t abide yellow in my hair. At all. It’s also worth noting that my great lengths have a slight warm hue. Next time I’ll be opting for beige and cooler tones. 

Lowlights have never done me any favours and for around 5 years I’ve opted only for bleach. Which in theory is fine. But it did leave my hair a little white. Beach blode seemed to be my only option and when All Dolled up recently moved to Kevin Murphy colour I decided to go with it. 

The colour took the standard time to develop. A beige toner was then applied. This did take longer to develop. With this colour there are no times per say it’s all done on watching the hair. Then came the interesting bit. An anti ageing treatment which is made up and applied and massaged in. Lauryn did this she’s a mini doll and super fun. She’s a Netflix addict so I got the full list of shows to watch. Anyway by to the anti ageing treatment. It’s made up just before application to ensure it’s fresh and gives ultimate cuticle penetration. The Anti ageing treatment gives hydration and offers repair to chemically treated hair that’s suffered environmental damage also. A week in the sun? That’s environmental damage right there. The main ingredient is Baobab oil and lotus flower ,then provides additional lustre.  My great lengths are in five months already again. I’ll be ringing the credit union for my next set but I cannot live without them. They’ve cut out the time I take styling my hair and make me feel glam. So for that reason I need another set.  Shonagh looked after my blowdry. I didn’t opt for curls just a straight one. A little movement is par for the course at all dolled ups blow dry menu. 

A few days on my hair still feels soft and manageable. Sometimes I find treatments can leave my hair hard or crispy and colour leaves it dry. Not in this instance though. Ammonia free paraben free colour means a less irritated scalp too. So a more beige look is really suiting me. 

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