Sunkiss for instant gratification 

Tanning Tuesday is fast becoming a thing at glam towers. The midweek slump will hit me at any stage and whilst I’m writing this blog with a martini in hand in the Algarve by the time it publishes I’ll be well and truly back to the daily grind. 

Summer is fast approaching and my limbs are pasty and not toned. If you can’t tone it tan it though and my little love affair with Irish Brand SunKiss self tan although short has been deeply gratifying. This isn’t a holiday romance though I’ve fallen hard for this tan and here’s why. 
Firstly the mousse offers a good colour guide, some pretty golden colour tone when it washes off and is very easy to apply especially on the lower body. There is no manky smell, all tans have a slight smell and this is no different. 

The mist is without a doubt the fastest drying tan I’ve ever tried meaning that you can get dressed more or less immediately. It’s messy though so do it somewhere that you can wipe clean. I’m sort of house proud so I wouldn’t like to miss my leg and set my bed linen or something. When showered off it leaves a nice glow that it’s really easy to match bronzer and foundation to. Another major bonus for me. 
It will offer you a really lovely glow. The fade off is good, you can reapply other tan over it. Like all tans exfoliate the day before use and if your knees and elbows are drier than a Jacobs cream cracker then sort them out prior to application. This tan you need to have relatively normal skin to use. I normalise mine by applying a little body lotion in the morning and tanning in the evening. My skin is exceptionally dry, it didn’t irritate my psorasis which is always a winner. 
Here’s a picture of me with a really hot twenty something friend that doesn’t wear tan, me on the other hand, day three of the Sunkiss, fading evenly rather like my troubles with the Cava. 
Happy Tuesday gorgeous gals xxxxx

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