Clean up your act 

I talk a lot about skincare but could your brushes be giving you breakouts? Let’s discuss first how often you should clean your brushes because this is down to how you store them and how often you use them . I keep my eye brushes in a drawer of a make up organiser because they are quite sensitive to dust. Powder and bigger ones are in pots on my dresser. 

Spot cleaning is effective on eye brushes they need a gentle shampoo once a week too, as it’s best for removal of bacteria. Foundation brushes should be washed every other day and if the product has saturated more that halfway down the brush it means a cleaning is well overdue.

The NYX brush cleaner is fantastic for everyday use. It’s fast to use and dries quickly without leaving the brushes greasy or affected by being washed ( except for actually cleaning them obviously). The bottle is a decent size too. I’ve been using this and am glad to say my brushes are fresh and not bald, very often spot cleaning make up brushes can leave them with weak and unconditioned bristles which is why it is so important to give them the once a week wash. You can do this with baby shampoo and tepid water. 

You can make this lady longer by putting the product in an empty spray bottle and applying it in a spritz onto brushes. It’s available in Boots and pharmacies nationwide. 

Take the bore out of brush washing by maintaining the little buggers . 

Happy Cleansing x 

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