Happy Feet 

Pedicures are something that we should all have at least twice a year, if you haven’t had one in a while , and you feel nothing when you step on a lego it means you’ve got a build up of callous and it is time to go to a podiatrist. Retail workers I am feeling ya. 

However it your trotters are only slightly neglected after a winter season in Boots then a Lycon pedicure will be of benefit to you. I had this service recently with the lovely Chloe’s at City Wax as a pre holiday treat. This is a relatively new service added to their menu. Now before anyone thinks it was a foot wax because I’m like a yeti , Lycon the brand do a whole pedicure line. The line smells great and includes a callous remover which uses AHAs to remove hard dead skin from the balls and heels of your feet. It’s gently softens the skin so it can be buffed away rather than utilising blades which should only be used by a foot specialist. Another thing I noticed was the absolute cleanliness of all of the utensils used. There was anti bacterial gel at each station and the pedicure stations are separate from the manicure stations. 

This may seem like a small thing but for me as a mystery shopper it’s something that I always wary of. 

The Lyco Pedi itself started with some foot soaking . The soak was refreshing and relaxing. Then a callous remover was used and the dead skin buffed away. The cuticles were removed with special remover , again no scissors or blades. This is healthiest for your nails. My feet were scrubbed and right up to my knees got a massage. The sugar scrub removed some leftover tan too. Then Chloe did a file and polish in my toes. And then the all important foot lotion which felt fresh. The finish was soft flip flop ready feet. They also sell some of the Lycon products to take home if you wish. 

If your feet are used to long walks like mine you’ll need a few pedicures to get them to where you want them to be. Things like corns or excess hard skin have to be looked after by a profession podiatrist. A pedicure is a lovely relaxing treat and provided you’re not ticklish it’s a actually a necessity coming into summer. 

My feet are still soft two weeks on and the gals will give you tips on how to maintain your pedi. 
Book in with Chloe at CityWax by calling 0214350706

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