Handbag Heros 

My handbag is quite frankly a disgrace and despite me buying various bags and organisers I’m going to have to just admit to be downright slovenly. I cart around various things in the giant shopper that’s my everyday bag and two things I always have are lip balm and hand cream.  Because you know what ? My lips get dry and my hands? They get washed a lot. Dr PawPaw is a little miracle worker for dry lips and cuticles its bright and easy to pull out of the abyss that is my bag . Its colourless on the lips and tasteless which is what you want from a lip salve. I can’t be dealing with flavoured ones they cause sweet cravings. I will admit also to using it for flyaway hairs as well when I’m stuck, it’s a pharmacy fave and I reach for it over brands like Carmex. It can soothe dry patches and my breastfeeding pal has used it on her nipples too after she weaned her baby. 

My hands are totally tropical thanks to Human and Kind handcream. An Irish brand that’s been around a few years this all rounder is good for elbows and knees as well. It’s light textured and easily melts into the skin, the fragrance is fresh and uplifting with some lilt like smells but without the chemicals. It’s nice for flip flip weather too as it’s refreshing enough for feet.  A Cork based company too with a serious conscience, the profits from the tropical hand cream are donated to trocaire. 
Keep the multitaskers in the handbags gals x 

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