Cherish Mii 


Everyone loves a good eye quad, fours colours is the ideal handbag size but euqlly enough to take you from desk to bar if the combination is right of course. Cherish Mii is relatively new as a brand to the Irish Market and for me there are very few new brands that ever really wow me with thier offering. I think that the trend for this Insta Make up with heavy eye ,ake up had taken the joy out of a lot of peoples everyday looks, mine included. The Mii quad though is a thing of beauty. It is made with crushed pearls so instantly my ears perked up. Also the packaging is nice and decadent. The price for the pallet is €32.50, which in theiry is quite spendy, but this isn’t a budget product, the eyeshadows are very soft and blendable. The colours are pretty and almost etherreal once applied. The glitter pigment is quite loose but when used with a liner brush and some duraline it looks really great. If I were to compare the quad to anything n terms of packaging and quality it would be Bobbi Brown, the pans are a decent size, and the glitter is super sparkly. The colours look good alone or combined which is important because we all have those days when we sweep and go with eyeshadow. The cream Tulle shade works great as a hightlighter too adding a subtle glow to the brow and cheekbone, a nuance of pearlised shimmer is so flattering on all skintones


The lipstick in this collection is a medium coverage buttery lke texture and at €22 is average in price for a high end lipstick. The lasting power is good and the colours are quite light, the range I know has all types of shades byt charm for me is a winner. you can match it with a peach or nude liner and no matter what size your lips are they look superb. It is quite hydrating and subtle too.

Lastly the brow pencil is fantastic the tip is automatic so no need to sharpen and the actual feather strokes you can make withit are  fantastic. There’s no sharpie brow just wonderful blended brows that last all day. 
The Mii cosmetics are still such a new brand in Ireland so are exclusive to salons and spas at the moment but hopefully we will see more of the collection in months to come as I must say I thought they were so pretty and luxurious xxxx 
Happy Sunday 

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