Rocky Road Glam Style

Everytime I am invited to dinner I get regular requests for this, It is so easy to make, relatively cheap and there isn’t a whole lot of cooking involved. You can alter the ingredients if you like to include raisins or pecans but I prefer a more indulgent chocolately one.


200g Dark Chocolate

200g Milk Chocolate

200g Digestives

50g Butter

1 can of condensed milk

Handful of Mini Marshmallows

Pack of Dolly Mixtures



Melt the chocolate and butter using a bain marie*, yes it takes longer but the chocolate won’t burn, it should look glossy and glam like your hair after the salon

In a separate bowl crush the digestives and marshmallows and give them a twirl

Turn the heat off and add the condensed milk and swirl

Add the biccies and marshmallows

Add to a square baking tin lined with** greaseproof paper

Add Dolly Mixtures to the top.

Chill for 2 hours

Chop and Eat

*a bain marie is a bowl over a saucepan of water

** greaseproof paper is the holy grail of baking, my mum Jenny swore by in for everything instead of butter and she was a master baker, she made Christmas Cakes that were laced with Poteen and sent all over the world. She never even baked them in tins she used an old USA Biscuit tin and her fruitcake (not me the actual cake) was used in wedding cakes all over Cork.  She was the original Natural born Feeder….


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