SoSu Highlighting Pallette 

Highlighting has become an obsession for me and lately I am drawn to highlighters like a magpie, picking out cream and powder shades with precison. I cannot pass a department store or pharmacy without swatching shades of irridescent golds oand cool pink tones. I always match the highlight to the rest of my make up and much to the surpise of my go to soft and gentle or Becca Champagne pop I have found a six pack that is not only non alcoholic but extremely flattering. It is also calorie free.

SoSu has taken the make up world by storm and while I wasn’t sold on her nail polishes or contour kit at all, the lashes and highlight kit have made me sit up and take notice. I don’t ever filter the make up pictures I take for the blog and here are two fine examples of the iphone 7 camera in action. Easter saw me with a lot of free time to have a go off this and I have to say that it id defintely worth the price tag. The tetxtures are varied, seeing a cream and powder finish in the pallet. There is of course a nice mixture of shades too. I like to go cool and pink during the day but once the cocktails come out I love the warmth of a more gilded look. So that is why this is so versatile and pretty. It comes with a warning though, it is quite pigmented which is great however .. if you have oily or pourous skin then I don’t think this is the best product for you. The glitter / shimmer is quote loose and therefore will also sit in your fine lines. A synthethic brush is probably the best type to use with this as you do need to be precise with the application. It blends nicely though and won’t drag over the skin which makes a nice change. I am delighted that I git this, it came as part of a goody bag at an event which if course makes the application all the sweeter. It is not bad value and you can use it all over your face and body, the pans are a decent size and the packaging practical for what it is.


Happy Thursday  Gals xxxx

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