That time I was Russian 

Russian Volume lashes have been on the market a while, however my first encounter with them was four weeks ago at City Wax, Blackrock. . They differ from regular semi permanent  ones in that they are little clusters of lahes attached to one lash as opposed to one on one which was the traditional way of doing it. Semi permanent lashes are glamourous and pretty but they come with a caveat, that is that you must be prepared to maintain them correctly. Like hair extensions they require special aftercare but the results are so worth it. An initial appointment will take you 2.5 hours, during which you are laying down with your eyes closed. For many of the busy readers that will be sweet relief becuase you can even get a nap in. Shelly looked after me for my initial set. There are three types you can get and I opted for the Ms Glamorous which are the longest and have the most volume. I don’t do natural and like my eyes to be defined. So don’t be put off by the sheer volume, you don’t have go as fluttery/ The second set of photos are my refils which I opted for after two weeks. Again they were nice and voluminous and with eye make up added they are so glam.


To clean lash exenttions you need to use Simple eye make up remover with no oil. You cannot wear mascara over them either. The best way to cleanse the eye area is with a Q tip dipped in eye make up remover and sweep over the lid and lashline. If your eyes are sensitive you can still have lash extensions and I have hayfever and it has no bearing on them. You need to have a spare spooly brush to keep them brushed out as sometimes they go a bit funny, like your own lashes. As you lose your own lashes the semis fall off too so as long as you maintain them properly you should get two or three weeks between refills. Keep oils away from your face and I think cleansing the eyes first is the key to keeping your semis on longer, if you are using a mascara on the bottom lash, choose a non waterproof one as the cleanser you need to remove these will affect the glue on the semis. It is important that the liner that you are using is a liquid or kohl too that is easy ro remove. Avoid the Inglot AMC77 at all costs because the gel gets stuck between the lashes no matter how fine the line is.

You can book all of your services at City Wax on 0214350706 or online.


Happy Tuesday Guys xxx

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