Rushower – fancy a quickie? 

The days I have my life together are always the days I have had coffee and my hair is oh I dunno 50 per cent dry shampoo. Soap and Glory is a brand that I love and there is nothing in the range that I have tried that I didn’t love. When I saw they had launched a dry shampoo to refresh my roots my little heart skipped a beat.  I bought it on promotion and it was 1/3 off in Boots, they have exclusivity on the brand so you can’t get it anywhere else. It was under €4.00 It smells absolutely beautiful like all of their products. It absorbed excess oil like a dream and didn’t leave my hair feeling rough or overdone.

A top tip is to spray it inti the root and turn your hairdryer on a low heat to blast it. this ensures that the product is evenly distributed and will give your roots and extra bit of vavavoom. It left my hair soft and manageable and not at all brittle. I find with some brands of dry shampoo they can actually do more harm than good. I had a volumising one by Batiste one time that my brush got stuck in, it resulted in me with a load of conditioner trying to free a huge knot. Twenty minutes of my life I am never getting back. The Rushower was the best budget brand dry shampoo that I have ever used and to be honest is far superior to the higher priced one by Joico. It better quality than the  L’oreal clay one which is in the same price category.

Happy Humpday guys I hope the day is good to you.


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