Blank Canvas A Stroke of Genius

I got my first set of Blank Canvas Brushes way back in 2014 and am proud to say that many of them are still going strong. I have replaced the trusty foundation a couple of times and recently I got sent some more for consideration


There were three face brushes, two sculpting and one foundation and two detailer brushes from the metallic extra dimension series. These are all cruelty free synthetic ones and the first major wow with them is the ease of cleaning. They don’t overly absorb any product therefore when washed correctly they are clean to go again. Because these are used with a cream product I wouldn’t spot clean them, I would just wash them after each use. They dry well and there is little or no shedding. The brushes work well and give impressive results. I would absolutely recommend them and here are the brushes and their uses:


E03 – €6.99, this is a fine lip brush or tear duct area brush. Great for doing an ombre lip or for adding a tiny light to your tear duct. It is perfect for precision and will not pick up too much product.

F19-  €7.99, a tapered concealer brush which is perfect for accurate application of concealer to the under eye are and on the nose to mouth line. It is also faultless when applying highlighter to your philtrum area.


]F33- €14.99 Extreme Contour Brush, this brush will give you the cheekbones of a goddess without too much effort, you use it to sculpt your face in the usual areas and this just fits perfectly.

F08- Domed Buffing brush, €14.99, This gently hemispherical shaped brush can be used to softly buff blush or bronzer onto the apples of the cheeks. It is particularly great for highlighting larger areas like the forehead.

F06- €14.99 Bevelled Foundation brush the bristles are densely packed and has a soft slope which allows great even application of both gel and liquid formulas

Tips to get the most from your brushes: 

To avoid premature wear and tear of your brushes, make sure to take diligent care of them by keeping them clean.

If you see product building up further than halfway down the brush head, it means you’re not cleaning it regularly enough. If your brush is saturated in product, it will not last.

How to wash: Use a daily brush spray to wipe off excess product building up on your brush. Deep clean when very dirty using a gentle brush soap or shampoo. Use only very tiny amounts (pea-sized) of product.

Use tepid water

Avoid getting the ferrule wet if you can as this is where the brush is glued to the handle.

Lay them flat to try and reshape them whilst they are damp

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